Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Isn't my hair nice? Don't you love it!? lol. Well my fro being tamed can be credited in part to this flat iron. You can also credit that flatiron for destroying my natural curl in like 3 sessions. X( thats my frustrated face. You'll either love or hate that iron, i tell ya. Well being that my blog is called frocentral my hair story is owed. THATS COMING SOON! We will laugh together, cry together (well maybe just me). I'll share with you my journey to have my natural tight curls back and how an iron ruined my fro destiny. lol. Dramatic much. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog today. Your hair is soo pretty in this post! I didn't even realize it was different from your usual hairdo until I saw the next post! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  2. hehe! thanks so much Angela. Wait 'til you see the before, during, and after spread I'm doing about my hair "journey" lol. Come back!