Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So what do you wear when you take your mom to the hospital? Sorry guys have been so busy because my mom was SUPER sick. Thanks to everyone's prayer she's ok :) This is yesterday's post. It was soooo windy! I could barely get a decent pic! Not even sure I got one . AND I was in such a hurry I didn't even notice the collar of my blazer was turned in and you couldn't see this cute appliqué on it. Which in my opinion was the cutest part. Well you can't always have a perfect post.
 My hair was out of control! I could not get it out of my face long enough to take a picture. And I was freezing.
 My eyes were watering.....
And after a gazillion pics like this one and the first one ..I gave up....I'm a shamed of me too.

PS. It's......
Classic Blazer | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Glad your mom's okay. Your hair looks awesome! Do you know what Mariah Carey pays for that kind of wind??? Lolol

  2. aw thanks for caring Jameil :)And thanks for the hair compliment! I laughed til my ribs hurt comparing my "photoshoot" to a music video of Mariah dancing on a car in heels..Not exactly as graceful..TOO FUNNY

  3. Great look, your purple trousers are amazing. And your hair is so cool!!

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  4. Why thanks Daisymay or can I call you Chantele? lol...I'm kinda frustrated with my hair lately. You can find my ideal hair day in my about me section. Why it's not ideal right now is coming up in my hair story. :/