Friday, February 11, 2011

Alphabet Soup!

Guys! I have so much on my mind!! All my to-do's are scrambling in my brain like alphabet soup! ahhh!!! Remember I told you I have a trillion activities on my calendar for this weekend. (Valentine's Day! Yay! I'm corny..yeah...but not commercial...there's a difference). So we are having a youth weekend at our church, which means youth are doing EVERYTHING. I am one of the youth directors=stess, but I'm also part of the youth worship band (as mentioned in my about me.) which means I get to play my guitar and sing for the Lord (whoop! whoop!). I'm so excited!! Since my day was going to be ridiculously busy today I put on my outfit for the service and called it a day. And boy did that save me stress! I absolutely heart this skirt. It's one of my thrift store finds and probably got brought in by some old lady cleaning out her closet. Thank you madam.
 Once I tried to wear heels for a song service we played.....Won't make that same mistake again.

P.S. Lint and wrinkles are tied for #1 on the list of "Things Adalid Can Not and Will Not Tolerate". (My OCD starts to kick in kidding......but sometimes I wonder....). So you know I took a good look at these pics and ironed my skirt. hehe..I also added black tights to my outfit....what can I say? A girl likes to keep a little mystery. lol. Have a WONDERFUL weekend folks!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So what do you wear when you take your mom to the hospital? Sorry guys have been so busy because my mom was SUPER sick. Thanks to everyone's prayer she's ok :) This is yesterday's post. It was soooo windy! I could barely get a decent pic! Not even sure I got one . AND I was in such a hurry I didn't even notice the collar of my blazer was turned in and you couldn't see this cute appliqué on it. Which in my opinion was the cutest part. Well you can't always have a perfect post.
 My hair was out of control! I could not get it out of my face long enough to take a picture. And I was freezing.
 My eyes were watering.....
And after a gazillion pics like this one and the first one ..I gave up....I'm a shamed of me too.

PS. It's......
Classic Blazer | Everybody, Everywear

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Isn't my hair nice? Don't you love it!? lol. Well my fro being tamed can be credited in part to this flat iron. You can also credit that flatiron for destroying my natural curl in like 3 sessions. X( thats my frustrated face. You'll either love or hate that iron, i tell ya. Well being that my blog is called frocentral my hair story is owed. THATS COMING SOON! We will laugh together, cry together (well maybe just me). I'll share with you my journey to have my natural tight curls back and how an iron ruined my fro destiny. lol. Dramatic much. Stay tuned!